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Tria Laser Reviews – The Device Used By Kim Kardashian!

Warning! I will give it to you straight, tell you whether a product is worth it’s weight in gold or whether it”s just a pile of c*#p. If you would rather read a review that hypes up a product just for the sale please do not proceed.

Warning! There are many potential risks using these devices.

First I recommend taking a look at the Tria Laser 4x review video to get a look and feel of what the product is and does. You can then find out where I purchased it from for a low price ; ), o’r read on to see what kind of results I got with it and more

What Is The Tria Laser 4x?

Tria Laser 4x

Image Of Tria Laser

It is the new permanent hair laser removal device from Tria that will give you results in half the time than their previous model (it’s claimed) and is the only FDA approved at home laser currently on the market.

You can find out more about how laser hair removal works here.

Who Is It For?

Because the way laser hair removal works not everyone can use them. The ideal candidate would be someone with a light skin tone and dark colored hair, but it can also be effective for people who are not the perfect candidates.

If you go over to the Tria website they actually have a chart that you need to tick a couple of boxes (very easy) and it will tell you if  the product will work for you or not.

Why You Should Buy (pros)

Be aware this is what I have found to be good about the device, other people may have different opinions to me.

  • Faster results than competitor products

  • FDA Cleared

  • Can be used on both face and body

  • 5 comfort settings allowing use on sensitive skin

  • Laser was developed by the people that did the gold standard for in-office laser hair removal

  • Permanent hair removal

Why You Should Not Buy (cons)

Be aware this is what I have found to be bad about the device, other people may have different opinions to me.

  • It’s not cheap

  • Will not work for everyone

  • Has many potential risks


These are the results I attained from using the Tria Laser 4x, they only go as far back as January as that’s when the device was released.

While it was not plain sailing and there where many issues along the way I was very happy with how things went over all, to find out the  troubles and successes I had read on.

Settings: I did legs and arms on 5 and the bikini area on 2.

DO NOT use the device on 5 when you first use it, start off on 1 and see how it feels before you start moving up levels.

Areas Treated: Bikini Area, legs & arms

Before Treatment: Shave all areas you are going to be using the device on, yes this is very important as it makes the device much more effective.

While shaving will give you the best results.. do not wax or pluck the area as this will have the opposite effect.

Treatment 1: I did my arms and legs on the Monday and bikini area on the Tuesday. It took no more than 25 minutes to finish any of the areas, it was easy to use and surprisingly did not cause much discomfort.

As far as results the Tria will not give instant results, waiting is the name of the game and I was willing to give it a fair chance.

Treatment 2: This treatment I did 2 weeks after the first. Because I had already used the device before this one went by very quickly with no problems at all. Nothing else really to say as I did exactly the same as I did the first time.

Treatment 3: This treatment I did 2 weeks after the second. Again I used the device exactly the same as I did in treatment 1, however this time something was different.

The difference was I definitely notices results by now. I could see a lot of hairs dropping out, and one’s that did not were a lot thinner and lighter that they where barely noticeable.. thumbs up for results!!

Only after 4 weeks having amazing results was astonishing for me, having already used other devices none give me these kind of results in such a little amount of time, all I have to say is.. BOOYAKASHA!

2 Weeks After Treatment: By now it had been 6 weeks since the first treatment. I have not shaved again since the last treatment and while hair grows back it’s much thinner and lighter, it’s barely visible to other’s.

1 Month After Treatment: Some areas now had zero hairs on them, other areas had a little but I’m  going to be using the device on them again and hopefully I can get zero hair growth on most areas.

The biggest thing for me has been not having to wax, pluck or shave much at all, when I think about the price I payed for the product (it’s pricey) it’s massively cheap for how much time it’s saved me not having to do these tasks as often.

While I had great results with the Tria Laser I always recommend you take a look at what others are saying about it, especially reviews  to help you get an idea of what the typical results with this kind of device is.

Do I Recommend The Device?

Simple answer.. YES!

When I review a product I base 90% of it on the results, even if it may lack some features, or be a little pricey, if it gives me the best results it comes out on top every time.. and that’s exactly what the Tria 4 x did.. gave me the best results.

Out of all three devices I tested the Tria came first, then the i Light Pro and then the Silk’n Flash & Go.

If after reading the above review you are interested in buying the Tria Laser for a low price online you can do so by clicking the button below which will take you over to Amazon.  Click To Buy

Buy Tria Laser For The Lowest Price
I will get a commission if you use the above button, or any other link that directs to Amazon, if you do not want me to get a commission go directly to Amazon without clicking any links or buttons.

Common Questions Answered

Will The Tria Work On Facial Areas

It is not recommend for use on facial areas, however some people have used it on that area with results. Please consult with a professional before using the device.

Will The Device Work On My Skin Tone?

I highly recommend you check out this chart (chart on bottom half of page) to see if it will work for your skin tone.

Would You Recommend This Over Other At Home Laser Devices?

Out of all devices I have tested the Tria Laser come out and top, and it’s the one I would recommend over all others.

Can I Epilate While Using The Device?

You are not supposed to epilate 6 weeks before or during the use of the device, the reason for this is because there needs to be hair present in the follicle for the treatment to work.

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